SEM Packages

You can move between packages at anytime depending on your business needs



For the business that wants to take their marketing game to the next level

 PPC audit

48 point conversion optimization process

Smart bidding scripts with 24/7 data-driven adjustments

Google Tag Manager setup and advanced analytics tracking with 15 predefined goals

Long-tail keyword machine learning generator

Audience silos with hyper-targeted remarketing

Granular campaign and ad group configuration

Ad copy best practices and A/B tests

Dashboard setup

Weekly reporting with conversion opportunities

Traffic and browsing anomaly detection



For the business spending between 10k-100K who wants to supercharge their SEM, analytics, and A/B testing

 Everything included in GROWTH package and

Landing page A/B testing with extensive archive of best practices and data

Mixpanel analytics buildout - custom funnels, event visualization, and cohort analysis

N-gram account history ad copy statistical analysis

 Databox advanced reporting and insights configuration

Search console integration

 Organic hidden keyword scan to spot extra PPC opportunities

Visual alert setup to monitor any speed or site anamolies



For the business who needs advanced SEM management, data visualization, and a shared data warehouse

 Everything included in PLUS package and

Segment data warehouse implementation

Custom SQL queries and R Stats - 8 hours per month

Content and UX differentiation opportunities based on Mixpanel cohorts, stats, and retention analysis 

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